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The Assignment Will Demonstrate How Assistive Technology Is Used In Health And Social Care
The assignment
will demonstrate how assistive technology is used in health and social care
The Assignment Will Demonstrate
How Assistive Technology Is Used In Health And Social Care
The Assignment Will
Demonstrate How Assistive Technology Is Used In Health And Social Care
The Assignment Will
Demonstrate How Assistive Technology Is Used In Health And Social Care
Assignment Will Demonstrate How Assistive Technology Is Used In Health And Social Care
Independent living
simply means all people with disabilities having the same freedom, choice, dignity and control as other
citizens (normal) at home, at work, and in the community. It does not mean living on your own or by yourself
or fending for yourself it means our rights as citizens to practical assistance and support from the state to
participate in society and live an ordinary or near normal life.
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The seven needs of independent living
• Peer support
• Personal
• Housing
• Technology
• Access
• Information
• Transport
Techno Aid is a company
specialising in technology that can help individuals to access health and social care services and live
independently. As more people access independent living funds and become employers of their own personal
assistances, the balance is shifting from dependency towards independence.

A.C 1.1
How technology can be
used to support users of health and social care services in living independently?
What is assistive
Assistive Technology is defined in the Technology-Related Assistance Act (Tech Act) as "any
item piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or
customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with
disabilities" (Tech Act, 1988). Assistive technology can be made at home and designed specifically for an
individual, purchased in a local store, or ordered out of a catalogue that is targeted toward people with
disabilities and their families. Technology can be high tech or low tech. Examples of low tech are ramps,
switches, switch-operated toys, communication boards, car door openers, Dyce (non-skid material), preachers,
roll-in showers, and Velcro. Some high tech examples include computers, software, extended keyboards,
electronic communication devices, power wheelchairs, and van lifts for wheelchairs.
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Assistive technology will not make the disability go away; it can only lessen the impact of
the disability stated by (Moore, 1991). Hopefully assistive technology will increase independence and improve
an individual's outlook on life. Assistive technology can help students access their education, as well
as enable adults to secure a job. Individuals with disabilities can become an integral part or their community
– from education to leisure activities to work – with the appropriate technology.
However, assistive
technology is not without its problems or barriers. Many times the devices that are needed are very expensive
and resources are not readily available; or the equipment is purchased and no training or support system is in
place to show the individual how to use it
Effectively; or the device simply breaks down and needs to be
repaired (Moore, 1991).
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The three technology devices
are, power recliner chairs for the disabled, and Braille books for blind people.
Tele careis used to
describe sensors or detectors (for example movement, flood, gas, smoke or fall detectors) that automatically
send a signal via a base unit connected to a telephone line (‘tele'Wink to a care, community alarm or
monitoring service and which can call for assistance (‘career'Wink when it is needed. The person with
dementia does not have to press a button or dial a number to raise an alarm states by the Royal Commission on
long term care, (1999). For example, if a sensor detects gas, smoke, water or a fall, it can automatically
send a signal to a community alarm service who will respond accordingly. This might be by providing
reassurance, contacting an agreed key holder such as a relative, friend or warden to provide help, or
contacting the emergency services. A loud speaker on the alarm base unit lets the call center talk to the
person and they can talk to them. Even if they are unable to talk or are too far away from the loud speaker
the service will still send help.
According to Louis Braille (1809-1852) work changed the world of reading
and writing forever for the blind people. He became blind by accident at the age of 3 years old. At the age of
12 years old Charles Barbier visit the school were Louis attend and share his invention called the ‘night
writing' a code of 12 dots that led soldier share top secret information on the battlefield without even
having to speak. Unfortunately the code was too hard for the soldiers, but not for Louis. Louis trimmed
Barbier's 12 dots into 6, ironed out the system by the time he was 15, then published the first- ever
braille book in 1829. But he didn't stop there. In 1837, he added symbols for math and music. But since
the public was skeptical, blind students had to study braille on their own. Even at the royal Institution,
were Louis taught after he graduated, braille wasn't taught until after his death. Braille began to
spread worldwide in 1868, when a group of British men, now known as the Royal National Institute for the
Blind, took up the cause. Now practically every country in the world uses braille. Braille books signs help
blind people get around in public places. And most importantly blind people can communicate independently
without needing prints. Even if some people are blind or visually impaired, the development of assistive
technology has brought many possibilities for them in the areas of education and employment. The use of latest
technology and other devices, the blind and visually impaired can do more daily tasks alone now especially in
reading and learning stuffs.
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ROVI was born from an idea of pushing conventional thought aside and
considering all the possibilities, without reservation. The wheelchair is a complex piece of equipment that
has been extensively engineered and studied. Most individuals with SPINAL CORD INJURY become wheelchair
experts because doing so increases their chances of getting a wheelchair that truly meets their need.
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Analysis of barriers of the use of technology to support users of health and social care services in living
Blind people use braille book to read. Ithas a code of small raised dots on paper which the
blind can read by running their fingertips over the dots. The system uses the 63 possible combination of six
dots in a ‘cell' (three dots high and 2 dots wide) to form the alphabet, punctuation marks and
The two key priorities for investment in tele care are falls from prevention and mental health
services for older people.Other considerations were to use technology as a contributory factor in helping to
avoid residential care and avoidable hospital admissions.An example of tele care assistive technology in my
place of work, is Mr and Mrs B an elderly couplewho lived within a sheltered housing scheme for years. Mr B
has been his wife's carer for almost all of this time after she was diagnosed with Parkinson's
disease. Mrs B's mobility has deteriorated over these years, as has her memory. Mr B has found it
increasingly difficult to care for his wife and many of his and her social activities have had to be
curtailed. Mr B was becoming increasingly ill at ease leaving his wife for any length of time for fear of her
falling when left alone. The consequence of this was that he was feeling trapped and isolated, without the
means to ‘re-charge his batteries'. Although living in sheltered accommodation which is well equipped
with emergency pull cords and access to pendant alarms, Mrs B's memory problems are such that she is not
able to use them.Mrs B was assisted to complete the fall questionnaireand she was assessed by an Occupational
Therapist. It was identified that Mrs B was at high risk of falling, particularly if trying to rise from her
chair independently. A number of options were discussed, and the preferred one was to use a falls detector.
This device is worn on the waist band of a skirt, trousers or in a specially designed pouch if the recipient
prefers to wear a dress.
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Explanation of the benefit of these technology to health and
social care organisations and their users.
The Falls Detector was of particular benefit to Mrs B as it did
not require any intervention from the user. If Mrs B fell then the detector would sense the tilt of her body,
and this would automatically set off the alarm at the call centre. The call centre staff would alert Mr B on
his mobile telephone following a trial of some months, Mr B was asked to give his views on the Falls Detector
and whether it had made any difference to his circumstances. He described it as "brilliant", adding
that "I can go out, have a game of cards with friends, or go to the shops without worrying". If Mrs
B does fall Mr B now feels that he can respond quickly to the needs of his wife. He says "it has given me
real peace of mind". Mr B also went on to say that it means that he can continue caring for his wife,
without feeling socially isolated himself.Using tele care to make real improvements to the way older people
are supported, helping them and their carers to feel safe, confident, able to have control over their
day-to-day lives and minimise the risks that threaten independence.This strategy will ensure the consideration
of Tele care throughout the customer pathway, from the earliest point of contact right through to complex,
care-managed cases, with the aim of supporting people to maintain or improve on their level of independence
and avoid hospital or residential/nursing care admissions. The service offered to service users will depend
on their individual.
Electric powered indoor wheelchair (EPIC) this is an electric powered wheelchair to be
used within the client's home. The client must be unable to effectively walk or effectively self-propel
in a manual wheelchair within their home. There must be adequate space for the wheelchair to move, including
footplates and a suitable space with a power supply for charging the batteries overnight. The client must
practically demonstrate they are able to independently and effectively control the wheelchair within the
internal environment, taking into account hazards and/or risks.
Braille books are available in many
libraries (like the Library of Congress) and schools for the blind. The production of Braille books used to
use metal plates. Characters are stamped on both sides of the paper where the dots on one side do not
interfere with those on the other side. But now, computers tremendously help in the publishing of Braille
books. The text is typed into the computer and, with the help of a software program; it is translated
automatically into Braille. Then the computer transfers the output onto printed paper or metal plates. Braille
reading helps blind people to socialise with other people for example, going to restaurant with friends and
finding a restaurant that has braille menu book encourage the service users to select what he would like to
eat for his own choice.
Explanation of health and safety considerations in use of technology in
health and social care
All new homes, public and private, and all refurbished social housing, will be fitted
with the capacity for care and health services to be provided interactively via broadband from day one of
occupation.A number of recent studies suggest that fragmented and inaccessible clinical information adversely
affects both the cost and quality of health care as well as compromises patient safety. Information technology
has been proposed as an essential tool in solving these problems and promoting better health care. When used
in social and health care, technology contributes to supporting a good life, human dignity, right of self –
determination, inclusion, and human care and caring.
The three technology equipment are available and they
can be used by service users. The use of technology is agreed on together with the user when drawing up the
service user plan.For example, an elderly woman living alone, the plan was for her to use the wheel chair for
her own independence and also the alarm for her safety. Because she is an elderly person, a technology must be
suited to the person's everyday life.The disadvantages and the risk related to its used should be
assessed also, and how to use the information guided appropriate.Within the health and social care sectors,
there is huge potential for information technology (IT) to support practitioners to practise more safely. So
many things can go wrong when information is missing or incorrect or if bugs and glitches in the system
interfere with business processes such as prescribing medication. When something goes wrong in health and
social care, this can lead to harm to patients and clients. The use of safety standards for IT used in health
and social care means that potential risks are identified in advance and can then be dealt with before the
product is in use. Organisations, such as NHS Trusts, that purchase and use systems are also required to take
measures that lead to an understanding of system risks and to take action, such as staff training, to ensure
that systems are operated safely in the live service.
A.C.2.2The ethical considerations in use of
technologies in health and social care.
Equipment [that] is provided to support the individual in their home
and tailored to meet their needs. It can be as simple as the basic community alarm service, able to respond in
an emergency and provide regular contact by telephone, Department of Health (2005). Tele care can also be used
in a preventative way by monitoring an individual's health or wellbeing (for instance, by using bed
sensors programmed to record how many times a person leaves their bed during one night).
The technology
involved in tele care services has been used for many years to support older people, most commonly in the form
of pendant alarms. Tele care has great potential to benefit people who use services by improving their
confidence and helping them to remain independent in their own homes. By monitoring people's safety, tele
care can also free up the time of friends and family carers so they can focus more on providing social
support. For example, how can practitioners ensure that monitoring people through tele care does not threaten
their choice and privacy? How can practitioners support potential users to make decisions about whether to use
tele care and what type of service would best meet their needs.Like many new ideas or inventions, assistive
technology including tele care has the potential to benefit people, but there is also a chance it could be
misused or have unintended effects. Although assistive technology can offer people greater independence and
potentially free up carers' time, there are some aspects of its commissioning and provision that could
compromise people's privacy, autonomy and wellbeing. Particular attention should be paid to aspects of
care planning including assessment, installation and obtaining consent so that the beneficial effects of the
technology are realised.
Some people with dementia may feel stigmatised by assistive technology, it is
important that they are consulted as to whether they are happy to use it.
Practice points for an ethical
approach to tele care
• Pre-installation phase the principal ethical concern during the pre- installation
phase is that services should be tailored to the individual and that when considering appropriate tele care
the risks of the person coming to harm should be balanced against their right to
• Post-installation phase the main ethical concern during the post-installation phase is that
tele care information should be collected for a positive purpose and with the consent of the person concerned.
The risks of invading individual privacy should be balanced against independence.For example, an elderly man
living in a shared residential home. He has his own flat that he can cook his own meal and look after
himself.He is independent manever since his wife past away 15 years ago. He refuse to let anyone cook for him.
Because his an old man, a plan was set for him by using tele care alarm to monitor his safety, and health.The
cost of the alarm is not too expensive for the government. Ever since he has the alarm his care plan has been
change and he now received meals on wheels food. He now has the confident not too be frighten
• However, this situation is not limited to tele care commissioning and provision. Practitioners
are well accustomed to balancing the conflict between meeting policy aspirations and dealing with the
realities of frontline practice.
The impact of recent and emerging technological developments on
health and social care services, organisations and care worker
There is evidence that new technologies can
improve the quality of care processes by enhancing communication, standardising processes, and enhancing
workflow, especially when used in addition to existing care rather than as a substitution. For example, a
survey of GP practices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the
US found that health systems that promote new technologies and information system infrastructure are better
able to address care coordination and patient safety issues and maintain the satisfaction of GPs.In England,
researchers examined how electronic patient records influenced how staff interact with each other during
critical care ward rounds compared with paper based records. Using video based analysis, observation and
interviews, they found that the ward round team faced several difficulties when interacting with each other
using the electronic record compared with paper records. The physical setup of the technology impeded
consultants‟ ability to lead the ward round and prevented other clinical staff from contributing to
discussions. These adopting new technology actually impeded multidisciplinary communication during the ward
round instead of facilitating it.There are numerous examples of the benefits of new technologies. A literature
review found that information technology supported a systematic approach to diabetes management in general
practice. New information technologies have been used to support patients, enhance changes in healthcare
delivery and provide clinicians with access to expertise and data about individual patients and populations.
Such technologies have been associated improved diabetes symptoms and risk factors. There is extensive
evidence that introducing new technologies can make a significant difference to the quality and safety of
care. For instance, proactive tele- care assisted by decision support software has been found to improve
clinical outcomes or reduce symptoms in people with depression, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and the frail
elderly, amongst others. Similarly, telemedicine based consultations have been available for some years and
more recently diagnostic services such as pathology and radiology are beginning to embrace this new
technology. Tele radiology and tele- pathology allow medical services to be delivered across vast distances,
including across national and international boundaries. Using technology in this way can be particularly
valuable in remote communities where transporting patients and medical practitioners is problematic.
Practitioners other than doctors deliver much of the healthcare in rural communities, so it has been suggested
that it is essential to ensure that nurses and support staff are IT-enabled and technologically savvy. On the
positive side, new technologies have an impact on how staff can be trained and updated. Examples include
simulation technology, accessing information via handheld devices, interactiveDVDs and online training. Online
technologies in particular mean that it is easier for staff to access information, share good practice and
keep up to date with new research.
There are numerous examples of the benefits of new technologies. A
literature review found that information technology supported a systematic approach to diabetes management in
general practice. New information technologies have been used to support patients, enhance changes in
healthcare delivery and provide clinicians with access to expertise and data about individual patients and
populations. Such technologies have been associated improved diabetes symptoms and risk factors. The presence
of new technologies means that there is a requirement to train staff about these technologies. Literature
suggests that nurses and allied professionals think that computer skills should be taught as part of the
undergraduate curriculum or as basic training and that staff are willing to undertake web based learning for
continuing professional development in this area. Other useful core training may include information literacy,
privacy and security of health information, and techniques for identifying and adopting new technologies. In
the NHS, assessing and training teams in technical skills may be a priority200 as some studies suggest that
practitioners may not have the competencies required to use new technologies appropriately.Whether or not
formal training is provided, staff need enough time to learn about and practice using new technologies and
this may impact on workload initially.Research suggests that cell phone applications can significantly reduce
the cost of treating young people with severe asthma due to more frequent communication between patients and
their medical teams, and by motivating patients to become more engaged and knowledgeable about their
An identification of the specific needs of an individual requiring support to live
A spinal cord injury (SCI) may cause a loss of movement and feeling below the site of injury.
You can get a spinal cord injury from a trauma, such as a car accident or a fall. Spinal cord injuries are
either complete or incomplete. A complete injury results in no feeling or movement below the site of the
injury. An incomplete injury allows some feeling and movement. People with spinal cord injuries also may have
other problems, such as not being able to control urination and bowel movements. Those whose spinal cords are
injured in the neck often need devices to help them breathe.Every client must be assessed as an individual,
because no two clients are exactly the same. That's a wise principle when approaching any new client who
needs assistive technology support. Electric wheelchairs are designed for an independent life and are
available with a host of drive bases, seating systems and expandable control systems with spinal cord injuries
(spinal cord injuries), there is a general set of clinical expectations based on where the injuries occurred.
But in reality, patients with spinal cord injuries, even those with injuries in the same location, can have
significantly different presentations. And for clients with injuries at the fifth or sixth cervical vertebra
— the differences from client to client can be even greater. For these clients, electric wheelchairs custom
fit to their required specifications can offer independent mobility indoors and outdoors. In addition the
client should also have the ability to pronate his/her wrist as well as extend it and complete a tenodesis
pattern — passive thumb adduction on the index finger during active wrist extension — which can also lead
to a better, stronger push on the rear wheels.C6 injuries, if complete, "typically result in lack of
finger movement, wrist flexion and elbow extension, but good control of elbow flexion and wrist extension. In
a C6 injury, grasping items can be achieved via tenodesis with wrist extension leading to passive finger
The mobility requirements determining the many practical activities and errands that needs to be
carried out each day? "The tasks they will perform at work must be considered. Do they have to carry
items, and can they push and do this at the same time, And so on. All daily tasks, such as grocery shopping,
banking, getting hair done, going out to eat, should be investigated.
Recommendation for how
technologies might support the independent living arrangements.
The use of power wheel chair is the best for
patient in and out door mobility, ability to move around in the environment.Indoor must learn how to use it in
residential homes through staff support. It aids lot of changes in care environment and gives client the
autonomy to move about in the environment they are living. For example, a client living in shared residential
homes, because he is wearing tele care alarm and using his power wheel chair to shop at the local store make
it easier and quicker. Because client has been trained how to use the technology device through the mass
controller.People required power wheel chair as repositioning device to aid in prevention of pressure sores.
Some manufacture produce 140- 180 degree power seat, this is helpful for medical condition, or to facilitate
self-care medical activities. When it comes to recommendation ROVI power wheel chair can be the best when
discussing with therapist through assessment. The wheel chair has got power leg where you can move your leg
and also power seat elevation, this will help client to facilitate in doing things they are used to do for
example cooking in the kitchen.A power chair can provide power seating functions that can ensure independence
with pressure reliefs." Upcoming surgeries, medication changes, medical procedures, progression of the
medical condition if applicable, etc. Clinicians and providers sometimes also have to consider recommending
changes to seating & mobility equipment decisions as a client's medical condition changes. There are
many changes that occurover a lifetime that can result in a change in recommendation. Some of these include
changes in the patient's functional level, either continued recovery or a functional decline; changes in
shoulder, elbow or finger range of motion, development of upper-extremity pain, change in dailyroutine or
activities, change in life plan and, therefore, mobility goals, etc.The power chair as a vehicle to get to a
destination and maintaining independence across all aspects of life.
An evaluation of the usefulness
of technology for users off health and social care services.
The patient's desires should definitely be
considered. It is very important to actively involve your patient in the evaluation process and have an open
discussion/interview regarding their mobility goals. If they have a desire to drive, how would they like to do
that? What kind of vehicle are they hoping to obtain? If they would like to travel, where would they like to
go? How will they be getting there? During evaluations considers what clinically related changes could be
anticipated. "Power assist requires a very careful assessment, as while the wheels add power and distance
covered, there is a safety issue of control of the wheels and wheelchair, which requires upper-extremity fine
motor coordination and control."
Talking with patients when they are having trouble accepting power
mobility and helping them to understand the consequences of their decision can be undeniably difficult and
time consuming. But Brown points out that these discussions are crucial to achieving a good outcome.
Ultimately, the decision is up to the patient, and it is important that they feel that way. Pressuring them
into something is not the answer. It could result in abandonment of the chair. It is important to fully
understand the patient's and/or the caregiver's primary goals for the mobility device, related to
all aspects of their life. Perhaps neither style of chair will make them independent with all of their
mobility goals, but which type will check off the most items on their list in the safest and most efficient
fashion? This decision is made on a completely individual basis.
Although assistive technology increase
independence and improve individuals life. It helps individual from different group such as elderly, young
ones and adult. Assistive technology device are expensive and effective equipment. Tele care alarm, Power
recliner chair and Braille books are assistive technology used for different individual groups in residential
homes for their own independence. The use of (IT) information technology protect information being linked out
or missing concerning confidentiality in health and social care sector in NHS. The ethical consideration of
tele care in residential homes for older people, protect them from danger. The impact of assistive technology
of tele care improve clinical outcomes. The new assistive technology has been impacted that all staff need to
be trained before using any equipment at workplace in health and social care sector. Client with spinal cord
injury used power wheel chair because is very effective and easy to move about for day to day activities in
terms of independent, but for the cost is expensive. The only problem of power wheel chair is the stigma that
client felt lazy to exercise. The power wheel chair example (13 Maxx the Complete Solution) is the type of
chair for spinal cord injury client. Braille books is very rare to find in some restaurant for blind people,
for example in some restaurant not all of them have braille menu for blind people, likewise some organisation
too. For blind people braille books are in special places such as blind people library or British library in
Euston. This assignment has broaden my knowledge concerning the used of different assistive technologies used
in health and social care settings.
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Digital Timer with Memory (remembers
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Health Promotion

September 18, 2016

Pearson BTEC Level HNC/D Diploma Health and
Social Care – Unit : 29 Health Promotion
The report in the St. Patrick
college Health Promotion assignment comprises of 3 Tasks in all. The 4th task is in the form of a
presentation. Task 1 is based on the case study of Mary who is a smoker and pregnant lady working for longer
duration in a store. Task 2 is on the same case study but has a discussion on the theories of health
behaviour. Task 4 is a health promotional campaign organized in one of the communities of East London. We will
study on the importance and significance of the health and safety in the modern world and importance of health
promotioncampaigns in helping people quit their bad habits like smoking.
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assignment at
Promotional text for St Patrick college Health Promotion
Mary is the major character of the case study that stays with her parents in East London
in a community flat. She is a pregnant lady who smokes a lot. She is working in a supermarket for around 16
hours a day. This task would discuss on the problems and their causes on the socio-economic front. We will
also discuss on the several initiatives and the programs that government has organized in the East London
Community and its effects on the health and safety of the people.
Seen living have a great impact on an
individual. They can either make or break an individual. He may get into bad habits in case his society is
bad. Similarly in case the individual has bad financial and economic condition then in order to earn his
living he may take hard work as the option of get involved in the wrongful activities to earn money. The case
discusses a lady named Mary who is a smoker. She has been working in a supermarket for a longer period for
earning her livelihood as she has to feed her pregnant condition and the parents she had been staying with.
The conditions show that she is facing bad times as far as her social and economic conditions are concerned.
In spite of being pregnant, she has been living with her parents. This also shows that she may not have sound
relations with her spouse and his family. She must be thinking that by smoking she will forget the problems
and the stress that exists in her life. She is working for a longer period, she is trying to earn her living
and even get engaged in some other activities and forgetting the stress and tensions that persist in her life
(Flay, 1987).

•An Assessment of the importance of government resources such as reports/research on
inequalities in health in relation to the case study
Although government of the country desires that each and
every individual should be given equal treatment in terms of medication and facilities related to health and
safety yet due to life conditions of the people, it is not possible. There are people who are so engrossed in
earning for their family that they do not get chance to have the equality of health as they do not have time
to spend in those activities due to their financial conditions. On the other hand due to lack of people cannot
afford to travel and reach the locations where these campaigns are being organized. In the case scenario, Mary
cannot afford to join an anti-smoking campaign as she is not having time. She has to earn livelihood for her
family as well as satisfy her parent's with whom she has been staying. On the other hand there are few
people who have a lot of money and income and they are able to afford even the expensive medication and the
treatments. On the basis of various reports and the research project activities it could easily be inferred
that there is high amount of inequality in almost the entire world. Either due to money or due to lack of
time, people cannot afford attending the expensive treatments, medications and the health promotional
Assignment solution of Unit 10 Safeguarding in health social care organisation
•Identify and
discuss the reason and any possible barriers to Mary accessing health care.
Mary will not get time to attend
the health promotional campaign as she has been working for 16 hours a day in the supermarket. She has to look
after her parents as well as her baby in the womb s has got no time to get self-involved in the various
activities. There has been a great pressure on social and economic front for her that she has been facing
issues related with her health and its safety. She has been living with her parents that mean she may not have
good relations with her spouse. This shows that she cannot afford to buy off a flat for her personal living
and is dependent on her parents. The various reasons or the possible barriers on her way to get facilities
under health promotional programs are: dependency on her parents, bad relations with her spouse and his
family, lack of finances, pregnancy and even the societal pressures (McVey & Stapleton, 2000).
Demonstrate your understanding of models of health promotion
•Identifying and analysing the links between
government strategies and models of health promotion in relation to the case study
The numbers of people in
UK who have been smoking have been increasing. The data and the statement have been made on the basis of the
researches and their findings. Government has been taking a lot of initiatives in this regard and there has
been equal increase in the number of these programs.In the case study Mary has been facing various pressures
from the society and the financial perspectives. She has to work for a long hours in a day in the supermarket
so that she could earn money. These could be the reasons that the governmental activities and the programs
have been unsuccessful. When people will not get time then how will they attend these activities in spite of
the large number of programs being organized in the community?Research shows that there are a lot of
departments and the levels that the government has organized and delegated them the responsibility of taking
over the illnesses, health and safety of the people. There are various associations and organizations as well
specially founded by the government to curb the level of smoking among the people in East London. They have
also been doing the following activities to promote the health and safety in the modern world:
and implementation of Health Promotion Campaigns (Burrows et al, 1995).
Spreading the awareness among people
on the harmful effects of smoking and other bad habits.
Information brochures on the centres of treating the
smokers and drinkers.
Imposing fines for smoking on public places.
No advertisements and promotional
activities for beverages and cigarettes.
Mary is a smoker as she thinks that cigarette helps her in
forgetting the stress and the personal life tensions she is having whereas the effect is that it is causing
harm to the world around her and even the baby in her womb.
Get solution of Unit 6 Room Division Operations
• Explaining the role different professionals in health and social care have on meeting health
promotion targets by set by government in relation to the case study
Various professionals like doctors,
nurses, chemists, medical representatives and various others have to play a key role along with the government
so that the health promotional campaigns and the plans are a great success. It is actually said to be a
combined effort and hard work that the people have been doing with respect to the initiatives that have been
taken for the people like Mary. Each person is delegated with a special responsibility and role in order to
make the health and safety promotions a great success. Health ministry is involved in making various laws,
rules, regulations and the policies with regard to the health and safety of the individuals. Doctors and
Nurses have been treating people by giving them various medicines and writing on the prescriptions. There are
various authorities like associations, NGOs and the centres where the promotional programs on health and
safety of the society are being developed so that society is free from the habits that spoil the health of the
people. Health promotional campaigns and the promotional initiatives could only be ensuring a society free
from illnesses and bad habits when all the people will join hands with the government.
•Discussing the role
of routines in promoting healthy living with respect to Mary in the case study
Routines play a very important
role in an individual and his healthy living. For example in case Mary decides that she wants to quit smoking
then she has to develop her routine for smoking lesser cigarettes in a day. She has to ensure that she cuts on
one cigarette from her routine every day. This way she will be able to cut on the number of cigarettes. She
has to follow the process of routines so that she finally quits smoking (Stokols, 1996).
Although she may
face a problem in following this routine but with perseverance and the desire to quit smoking she will
definitely be able to treat her problem of smoking and passively harming her baby. Even if she will try to
smoke then once the routine has been set she will be able to do the activities as per her regular routine.
Hence Routines develop a schedule or a time table as a biological clock in an individual and he tends to do
things as he has been doing daily.
Get solution of Unit 11 Travel and Tourism Entrepreneur Assignment
Identify the theories of health behaviour and explain how health beliefs are translated into behaviour in
relation to Mary and the case study.
There have been a lot of theories on the health behaviour and the
Descriptive Midrange Theory –This describes the human state and related health and safety
(Soames, 1988).
Integrated theory on health behaviour and change – Health behaviour and change are linked
with each other. In case health is not fine then individual tends to behave and change himself.
Promotions and behaviour change –This a theory that states that by the way of health promotional campaigns
and spreading of the awareness on health and safety, behaviour of an individual could be changed. He tends to
establish a link or an association with the things learned in the promotional campaign with his daily life and
These theories have been developed by various eminent researchers who have studied human psychology
and the change that is observed in the behaviour of an individual with respect to his environment, his health
and the society. The problems like financial stress, lack of good relations with family members have been the
major reasons for the change in the behaviour of the people. These are describing the problems and issues that
an individual faces due to pressures and changes in his health and safety. These beliefs have been converted
into behaviour and expression as:
Sharing of feelings, beliefs, and experiences with others.
People get
inclined to change their beliefs related with bad habits when they get to hear that they will be a threat to
their family as well.
People are in bad habits and lack the knowledge and information on how these habits may
result in their failure in lives on personal and professional fronts.
By making them aware of the potential
threats and illness of self and others, they could be cautioned and warned (Kickbusch, 1989).
When Mary would
be made aware that the movement she will smoke then her baby may not be able to survive as the bad and harmful
smoke may go inside its body. She has to be shared with the experiences of the other people how they have
faced the similar situations. This may excite her to bring changes in her behaviour and quit smoking to help
her live and even her baby.
Read more about Educational Scholarships in UK
Identify and discuss the
potential effects of conflicts with local industry on health promotion with respect to Mary and the case
When the people working on the health programs and campaigns will have conflicts and lack of
understanding then they will not be able to work together for a longer time. In this way even the health
programs would be unsuccessful and very far from the realization. It is of great importance that people should
realize the significance and role of their responsibilities and team work. All should join hands remove all
kinds of conflicts and the lack of disagreements so that they could discuss on the programs and the ways in
which they could free the society from health issues and problems.
Health Promotions Campaigns are
organized with the special objective of making the people aware on the harmful effects that smoking will leave
not only on them but also on the people around them. The campaign was organized for attending the problem of
active and passive smoking in the community of East London. The program was in the form of a presentation
given by the senior leader in Anti-smoking organization and NGOs. They called a lot of people who had passed
out from their centres and have permanently quit smoking. These campaigns are the ways and the techniques
whereby the actual experiences shared are helping people empathize each other and support each other in
quitting the bad habit of smoking. It is important that these programs and campaigns are organized on regular
intervals and their assessment and evaluation could be done.
Health Promotion campaigns act as a tool or a
way to control or curb the bad habits among the people by making them realize on the importance of not doing
it. The name of the health promotional campaign organized was QUIT SMOKING AS IT KILLS SELF AND OTHERS.
making this assignment it was realized that smoking is a habit that makes people think that they are leading a
good life as they forget pressures and stress in their lives. Actually the scenario is that they tend to
forget the tensions for a shorter duration. They actually recall it and start smoking more. This creates a
chain habit of smoking thereby causing a lot of problems in them like: cancer of mouth, body and lungs,
illness in respiratory organs, blood disorders, disturbance in the personal lives and even leads to the
passion smoking and breaking of personal relations with others. It causes disturbance in the community we live
in. People tend to maintain distances from the people who smoke as they know the harmful effects of passive
smoking (Stevens et al, 2002).
See more units of Health and Social Care Course
The health promotion campaign
that was organized at one of the communities in East London where almost all the residents and non-residents
were invited was a successful activities or a program. The authorities of NGOs and Anti-smoking centres were
called as chief guests and the presenters. There were a lot of people who shared their life experiences before
and after quitting of smoking which influenced many others as we tend to learn from others real life examples.
When they heard how people have recovered from their bad habit of smoking, they started approaching the centre
authority to fill in the form of joining the anti-smoking campaign. The most important surprise was that
people actively participated and interacted with each other to express their views and
Health Promotion Campaigns help in the spreading of the awareness among the people and
help them understand the harmful effects of not treating the health at priority. Smoking is the habit that
kills the individually slowly and gradually. Government of London has been taking several initiatives so that
they could cut on the level of smoking in the public places. They have introduced anti-smoking campaigns that
help the people and support them to quit smoking.
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