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Darell Rykert
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james marks
Erstellt am Sonntag,  2. Oktober 2016 14:04
Unit 1 Communicating In Health And Social Care Organizations

Unit 1: Communicating in Health and social
care organizations
Unit code: T/601/1560
QCF level: 4
Credit value: 15
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The aim of this unit is to develop learners' awareness of different
forms of communication used in health and social care settings and its importance for effective service

Unit 1 Communicating In Health And Social Care Organizations

Unit abstract
Learners will
investigate the communication processes in health and social care settings considering the barriers to
communication and ways to overcome these barriers. Learners will explore the process of communication and how
effective communication can affect how individuals feel about themselves. In addition, communication systems
within organisations will be critically examined and learners will gain an understanding of the legal
frameworks surrounding the recording of information about people. Learners will gain an understanding of the
use of information and communication technology as a tool in health and social care settings.

Unit 1
Communicating In Health And Social Care Organizations

Learners should note that any direct investigation of
communication in health and social care placements or employment should be within the context of a job role.
Due regard should be given to the confidentiality of information if used to support assessment evidence for
this unit.

Unit 1 Communicating In Health And Social Care Organizations

Learning outcomes
On successful
completion of this unit a learner will:

Unit 1 Communicating In Health And Social Care Organizations

able to explore how communication skills are used in health and social care
Understand how various factors
influence the communication process in health and social care
Be able to explore the use of information and
communication technology (ICT) in health and social care.

Unit content

Be able to explore how communication skills are used in health and social
Relevant theories: humanistic, behaviourist, cognitive, psychoanalytical

Techniques and purposes:
techniques eg written, listening, verbal, non-verbal; purposes eg record keeping, giving information,
challenging poor practice, educating, decision making, negotiating, advocacy, counselling,

Inappropriate interpersonal communication: barriers to communication eg inappropriate language,
incongruent messages, misinterpretation, breach of confidentiality, breach of trust, invasion of privacy,
power, threat, abuse; influences on individuals eg self-concept, self-esteem, self-image, ideal self,
prejudice, stereotyping, values and beliefs, stress

Supporting specific communication needs: alternative
language; language aids eg Braille, signing, Makaton; advocacy, interpretation, translation; environmental
conditions, technological aids; processes for accessing additional support

Maintaining confidentiality:
privacy, confidentiality, disclosure, protection of individuals, rights and responsibilities

Understand how
various factors influence the communication process in health and social care
Values and culture: factors eg
beliefs, age, sex, sexuality, ethnicity, gender, education, social class

Legislation, charters and codes of
practice: national, European, United Nations (UN) as appropriate eg equality, diversity, discrimination,
confidentiality and sharing information

Organisational systems and policies: information, documents,
systems, structures, procedures, practices

Good practice: in accordance with practice and service
standards, challenging discrimination, ethics, values, ensuring dignity and rights; data protection
(recording, reporting, storage, security and sharing of information)

Be able to explore the use of
information and communication technology (ICT) in health and social care
Standard ICT software:
word-processing, spreadsheets, database, information retrieval, internet, intranet (if available), email,
image software

Benefits to users: meeting individual needs, administration of treatments, efficiency of
administrative processes, accuracy of records, communication, maintaining independence

Benefits to care
workers and organisations: meeting needs of staff, business administration, efficiency, quality of service,
meeting requirement of other agencies, accountability, audit

Legal considerations: health and safety eg
postural, visual, stress; data protection eg accuracy, security, relevance, up to date, confidentiality,
consequences of breaking data protection legislation; access to records

2 BH023333 – Edexcel BTEC Levels
4 and 5 Higher Nationals specification in Health and Social Care
– Issue 1 – May 2010 © Edexcel Limited

Learning outcomes and assessment

Learning outcomes Assessment criteria for pass
On successful completion of The learner
this unit a learner will:
LO1 Be able to explore how 1.1 apply relevant theories of communication
to health and
communication skills are social care contexts
used in health and social 1.2 use
communication skills in a health and social care
1.3 review methods of dealing with
interpersonal communication between individuals in
health and social care
1.4 analyse the use of strategies to support users of health
and social care services with
specific communication
LO2 Understand how various 2.1 explain how the communication process is
factors influence the by values and cultural factors
communication process in 2.2 explain
how legislation, charters and codes of practice
health and social care
impact on the communication
process in health and
social care
2.3 analyse the effectiveness of organisational systems and
in promoting good practice in communication
2.4 suggest ways of improving the communication process
in a
health and social care setting
LO3 Be able to explore the use of 3.1 access and use standard ICT software
packages to
information and support work in health and social care
communication technology 3.2 analyse
the benefits of using ICT in health and social
(ICT) in health and social
care for users of services,
care workers and care
3.3 analyse how legal considerations in the use of
impact on health and social care.




Demonstration and evaluation of learners' own use of communication
skills can be assessed as part of Unit 4: Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care. The
content of this unit underpins all work in health and social care and therefore has links with all units in
the programme.

This unit also has links with the National Occupational Standards in Health and Social Care.
See Annexe B for mapping.

This unit also has links with the National Occupational Standards in Leadership
and Management for Care Services. See Annexe C for mapping.

Essential requirements

Access to ICT
facilities, including the internet is essential to ensure sufficient competence can be demonstrated. Learners
will need to be familiar with the systems and processes of record keeping (particularly of the Data Protection
Act), and communication within the workplace.

Learners will also require opportunities to practise and
demonstrate use of communication skills which can be assessed either in the workplace (as long as
confidentiality is maintained and permissions obtained) or in a simulated environment.

Employer engagement
and vocational contexts

It would be useful for learners to engage in communication activities with users of
health and social care services and practitioners in vocational contexts.

Input by specialists such as
speech therapists or a sign language interpreter may help understanding of how to support individuals who have
specific communication needs.

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Rasheeda Boyers
Erstellt am Sonntag,  2. Oktober 2016 10:46
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james marks
Erstellt am Sonntag,  2. Oktober 2016 09:26
Assignment 2 Cross Culture


Assignment 2 Cross Culture

The focus of this
assignment is to draw upon your analysis and understanding of cultural differences and discuss how these
differences may manifest in the workplace

Assignment 2 Cross Culture

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2 cross culture with

Assignment 2 Cross Culture

Value: 40

%Assignment 2 Cross Culture

Due date: Friday Week 11

Assignment 2 Cross Culture

3500 words (plus unlimited appendices)

The task involves developing an assessment of similarities and
differences in managerial processes and organisational culture which an international manager can expect to
encounter when working cross



Issues that might be examined could include how culture
affects individualism versus group orientation, communications, decision- making, autocratic versus delegated
leadership, superior- subordinate relationships and managing teams.

Assessment criteria:

An ability to
utilise sources such as the Internet and University library facilities to search, locate and summarise data
relevant to the assignment
An ability to utilise appropriate theories about cross- cultural management to
create frameworks to support your analysis and conclusions.
Presentation of an effective comparison of the
influence of national culture on managerial practices and organisational culture in the two countries being
An ability to present a well written, well structured report
An ability to critically analyse
information, formulate conclusions and exhibit original thought.

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cross culture with

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HI6007 Assessment Three
September 29, 2016 Uncategorized

HI6007 Assessment


HI6007 Assessment Three

HI6007 Assessment Three

Research Report Proposal: FINAL Research Proposal
Due Friday Week 12

HI6007 Assessment Three

words worth 20

%HI6007 Assessment Three

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The FINAL research proposal will consist of the following NINE (9) items:

business research topic.
Strengthen and improve initial proposal.
A brief literature review of the research
Produce 2 to 3 pages on background information on your research topic.
Research questions for the
identified problem or opportunity
Strengthen and improve initial proposal
Appropriate research methodologies
and techniques to use for the research project
Strengthen and improve initial proposal
A project plan using
a Gantt Chart and clearly defined milestones (if in a group with clearly defined individual tasks,
contributions and milestones)
Use Microsoft Project or other software to produce the Gantt Chart.
milestones for HI6008 are:
Week 6: Literature Review due.
Week 10: Data Collection and Analysis Report
Week 14: Final Business Research (Capstone) Thesis due.
Description of the research process
and improve initial proposal
Description of data collection and analysis methods
Strengthen and improve
initial proposal
Description of expected research outcomes
Strengthen and improve initial proposal
completed Ethics Checklist.
Complete and sign ethics checklist below and attach with FINAL research project
All students will need to pass the final research proposal submitted in week 12 to be able to start
the capstone research proposal in HI6008 the following semester.

Submit hard copy of FINAL research report
to Holmes by 4pm on Friday of Week 12.


This checklist is
designed to alert you to your ethical obligations when you conduct research involving human subjects.
questions must be answered when a research project is proposed and before a research project is
Attach the completed checklist to your final research proposal in week 12.
Student Name and ID:

Title of the Project:

Please circle your answers:

Will the human subjects be informed of the nature of their involvement in the collection
of data and of
features of the research that reasonably might be expected to influence
willingness to participate?

2) Will the human subjects be told that they can discontinue their participation at any time?
Yes No

3) Will the human subjects in your study be aware that they are the targets of research?
Yes No

4) If the subjects are underage, will their guardians be asked to sign the consent form?
Yes No N/A

5) Is the confidentiality of the human subject's identity positively ensured?
Yes No

6) In cases where there is a possibility that the human subject's
identity can be deduced by Yes No
someone other than the researcher, is the subject's right to
withdraw his/her data

7) Will the researcher fulfil all the promises made to the human subjects
including providing Yes No
the summary of the findings upon request?

8) Will all
necessary measures be taken to protect the physical safety of Yes
the human subjects from dangers such as faulty electrical equipment, poor
grounding, lack of oxygen,
falls, traffic & industrial accidents, possibility
of hearing or vision loss etc.?

9) Will the human
subject be debriefed (told the true nature of the study) after Yes No
data has been collected?

10) In cases in which the human subject is dissatisfied or a complaint about the
researcher or Yes No
procedure, will the researcher explain to the human subject that he or she may
this complaint to the Subject Coordinator?

11) Does the study involve concealment from and/or
deception of the human subject? Yes No

12) Will deception be used in order to obtain
agreement to participate? Yes No

13) Will the study involve
human subjects who are legally or otherwise not in a position to
give their valid consent to participate such
as children, prison inmates, mental patients? Yes No

14) Will information on your human
subjects be obtained from third parties? Yes No

15) Will any coercion be
exerted upon subjects to participate? Yes No

Will the study involve physical stress to the human subjects such as might Yes
result from heat, noise, electric shock, pain, sleep loss, deprivation of
food and drink, drugs,

17) Will the study cause any mental discomfort to the human subjects such as fear,
Yes No
anxiety, loss of self-esteem, shame, guilt, embarrassment etc.?

18) Could publication of the
research results possibly interfere with strict confidentiality? Yes No

19) Could
publication of the research results possibly harm the human subject –
either directly or through
identification with his/her membership group? Yes No
20) Are there
other aspects of the study that may interfere with the protection of the Yes
well-being of the human subjects?

If you have selected NO for any of the questions 1 to 10 and/or you
have selected YES for any of the questions 11 o 20, please provide comments to clarify your choice (use
additional pages if necessary).

Signature of the Student Researcher:

APPROVED: _______________________________________
Date: ___________________________
Signature of Subject Coordinator

Assignment Help for HI6007 Assessment Three with
Erstellt am Donnerstag, 29. September 2016 02:24
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oscar scanido
Erstellt am Dienstag, 27. September 2016 13:14

Economics for Managers – BUS702

Assessment task 2: Essay

TOPIC for 2016

When the GFC crisis
hit, most of the developed world went into recession. According to the strict official definition of
recession, Australia did not. Examine the relative roles played by the Federal Government, the Reserve Bank of
Australia and foreign trade in this outcome.


Factual content and economic
analysis should be correct, argument should be clear and coherent, referencing should be complete and follow
the Harvard system, grammar, spelling and presentation should be of a high standard and the essay should be
well-structured, including an introduction that answers the question.


The ANU's journal Agenda, available free online at:

Especially look at Volume 18
Number 1 2011 and Volume 17 Number 2 2010.


See next

Goal: The topic will require you to apply your knowledge of the economic
theory you have learned in the context of a contemporary problem. The topic will change each session and will
be available on Blackboard at the beginning of the course.
Product: Essay
Format: This is an individual

Introduction and conclusion

The introduction should be one paragraph that introduces the
topic of your essay, answers the question, and shows how you intend to address this topic.

The conclusion
should summarize the major points covered in the essay and bring these together in a way which follows
logically from the body of the paper. New ideas should not be introduced in the conclusion.


While essays should be written in a formal tone, they should also be written clearly and
concisely. This means you should use paragraphs composed of short sentences and choose the simplest words that
convey you're meaning accurately. Your essay should also be structured so that your argument flows
logically from point to point.

The content of your argument should be factually correct and relevant to the

Research and references

The essay should demonstrate the depth of your reading on the

Reference your discussion in Harvard style. This means that whenever you draw on another
author's argument or theory; include the author's name and the year of the publication in brackets
at the end of the sentence. If you quote directly from that author, use inverted commas e.g. ‘……'
around the quote and include the page number in the brackets. Do not use footnotes for references. This link
at ANU gives some simple examples of how to use Harvard style , as well as links to further

At the end of your
essay, you should include a bibliography, which lists more complete details for the sources you have
referenced within the body of your essay. The citation for each reference should be author, year of
publication, title of the book or article, publisher and city of publication. If you are citing from a
newspaper or journal article, the citation should be author, year of publication, title of the article, title
of the newspaper or journal, volume and issue number or date if it is a newspaper article, page number(s) of
the article.

Spelling, grammar and presentation

Attention to the final edited version of your paper
is important. It is expected that you will not have spelling or grammatical errors in your presentation and
that your essay will use idiomatic standard English.

You are required to word process your essay. Type on
one side of the page only, using double-spacing, font size 12 and wide margins.

Graphs or statistical
information do not contribute to the word count but may be a useful part of your essay. It is important that
they relevant to the argument that you are developing, are actually referred to in the discussion component of
your answer and are presented in your assignment as close as possible to this discussion. It is quite
acceptable to use hand drawn graphs, provided they are correctly and neatly labelled, and all graphs are
relevant. Hand drawn graphs can either be scanned into your essay in order to facilitate electronic
Criteria · Economic analysis

· Correct and clear argument


· Referencing – Harvard system,

· Grammar, spelling and

· Essay structure
Generic skill assessed Skill assessment level
Information literacy Graduate

oscar scanido
Erstellt am Dienstag, 27. September 2016 11:10

LAW105 – Semester 2
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Assignment No. 2 (Due end of Week 10) Problem-based Questions

(2 questions
worth 15 marks each)

Word Limit: 1,500 words. Marks are indicated at the end of each question.


The Top End Runner's Club is holding a ‘fun run' over 10 kilometers through the streets of
Darwin city to raise money for a new club house. Under the proposal, runners are sponsored by interested
persons on the basis that they will pay their chosen runner a certain amount of money for completion of the
run or for every kilometre covered.

Dave is a supporter of the Club and is interested in sponsoring a
runner. Three days prior to the run, while dining at Casuarina, he sees Wendy and asks her whether she will
be participating in the fun run. When Wendy says that she is thinking about it, Dave says to her that he will
sponsor her for the sum of $3,000 if she decides to participate and if she takes one hour to complete the run.
Wendy smiles and says: "Thank you. That sounds very generous".

Later that day, Wendy meets her
old friend Bill and tells him of her conversation with Dave. She says that his offer has inspired her to
participate in and complete the run. Wishing to further encourage her, Bill tells Wendy that if she
does decide to complete the run and if she thinks that she needs new running clothes and shoes, he will pay
for them.

The next day Wendy purchases very expensive running shoes and clothes for a total value of
$2,000. Subsequently, she completes the fun run in 58 minutes.

When she approaches Dave after the run, Dave
finds that he is a little short of money. He tells Wendy that he has no legal obligation to pay her and, in
any event, he says that she had to take one hour to complete the run whereas she completed it in 58 minutes.
He refuses to pay her. When she approaches Bill and tells him that the cost of the clothing and shoes was
$2,000, he says that he did not expect her to purchase such an expensive outfit and he, also, refuses to pay

She brings action against Dave and Bill, claiming $3,000 and $2,000, respectively, against them. Both
Dave and Bill resist the claims.

Dave and Bill seek your advice as to whether she will succeed in making
these claims against them.

(15 marks)

Question 2

Dani owned an old, but valuable Mercedes car. She
wanted the car upholstery to be restored to its original condition. She searched the web for a good,
reliable upholsterer who had experience with old cars. She saw the web page of "Vintage
Upholsterers" [Vintage], which included the statement that all of the staff were highly qualified and
experienced and every care was taken in carrying out work.

Dani took her car to Vintage and asked about
their experience in carrying out work on cars such as hers. She also asked about the quality of their work,
saying that she wanted her car restored to its original condition. She showed them some pictures of what the
upholstery looked like in its original condition. Dani was told that the firm's trades people were
‘first class' and that one of them, Carl, had worked on Mercedes cars in Germany. She was told that
Carl would be put in charge of upholstering her car.

Dani agreed to having Vintage undertake the work and
she signed a document headed ‘Agreement'. The document comprised one page and included the following

"While every care is taken with the work undertaken, Vintage Upholsterers cannot accept
responsibility for any damage to goods or for any defect in work completed. All warranties are hereby

The same clause appeared on a sign next to the counter in Vintage's workshop.

Dani did see the sign, she could not read it from where she was standing.

When the upholstery of her
Mercedes was completed, Dani discovered that the quality of the work was poor and that it looked quite unlike
the pictures that she had shown Vintage prior to commencement of the work. She also discovered that while
Carl had supervised the commencement of the work, he had left on holidays when it was only half

Dani wants your advice as to whether she has any remedy against Vintage. Advise her. (15

Please note:

The maximum word length for this problem-solving task is 1,500 words

(there is an
allowed margin of 10% under/over this word limit).

Assignments must be submitted online via Learnline. No
other form of submission, (such as email) will be accepted. An assignment submitted via the draft submission
link (SafeAssign check) will not be accepted as a final submission and will not be marked. It is your
responsibility to submit your final assignment in the correct way – ie, via the final submission point on

Presentation: Please ensure that you use the assignment cover sheet and your answers are
formatted in 12pt Arial font (or other readable font) with 1 ½ line spacing, page numbers and your name
and/or student number on each page (in the header or footer).
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