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CUC107 Safe space Assignment help
October 15, 2016 Uncategorized
CUC107 Safe Space Assignment Help

has been argued that safe spaces are fundamental to operating effectively in the workplace, community and the
university. Cultural self-awareness, cultural intelligence and cultural capability are all required for
creating safe spaces. So successfully completing this task will require that you draw together all of the
learning from the unit to show how it is possible to create safe spaces for people? This assessment requires
that you use the template provided to write a report on creating safe spaces.

CUC107 Safe Space Assignment

Due date: Monday Week 13
Length: 1500 – 1700 words
Value: 45

CUC107 Safe Space Assignment

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Using an
excerpt from a media clip of people interacting within a ‘space', analyse the various aspects of the
scenario including the physical location and interactions between actors to highlight your understanding of
safe and unsafe spaces.

CUC107 Safe Space Assignment Help

Your analysis should be written in report
format using formal academic language to:

CUC107 Safe Space Assignment Help

analyse the chosen filmed
scenario for safe or unsafe spaces;
demonstrate your understanding of the characteristics of culturally safe
or unsafe spaces by discussing those spaces identified in the clip;
based on the scenario shown in your clip,
provide recommendations for creating or sustaining culturally safe spaces; and
support discussion and
recommendations with research literature
Please note: Your research literature should be drawn from the
readings we have provided during the semester, as well as at least two other readings you have found through
your own research. In total you need at least six references including reference details for the

CUC107 Safe Space Assignment Help

CUC107 Assignment Help

Use the report template (see link on

You should use the report template that we have provided (see the link on the right). (You can
either fill the template in (recommended) or you can design your own. If you choose to design your own, you
should still organise your report under the following sections and use numbered headings for each section in
the body of your report.)

Suggestions about what you should include and suggested word counts under each
heading are also provided in the template. Try to keep to the word count for each section. Remember, word
count guidelines are an indication only for each section (as maximum). Review the assessment criteria as well
to ensure you understand that referencing, research and critical analysis are highly valued in the marking of
your work.

***Please note: If you provide a great, long description of the scenario, this will not give you
an excellent grade. Apply the literature that you have included in the literature review to your discussion
and recommendations to show that you understand the links between cultural self-awareness, cultural
intelligence and the development of culturally safe spaces.

Title of Report
This should be on a separate
page and include the title, your name, student number, and the date. Think of a catchy title.

Table of

This should be on a separate page – remember to include page numbers. (See template for details
on how to set this out.)

Introduction (approx. 150 words) Includes:
1 Background(An orientation to the
topic of cultural safety and safe spaces).
1.2 Scope (Explain what the report will focus on including what
media clip, what particular scenes and if the example depicts a safe or unsafe space).
1.3 Aim (Tell the
reader what the report aims to do – i.e. provide a summary and description and analysis of an example of a
safe or unsafe, and recommend ways to improve the safety of the space where appropriate).
Summary of media
clip (approx. 150 words)
Summarise your chosen TV or Video excerpt. This is where you briefly explain the
storyline and key events related to the context of the safe or unsafe space depicted in the clip. Your summary
needs to include the following details:
the name of TV show or movie,
the season and episode if it is a TV
show or year released for movie,
the setting (social, academic or workplace),
a general overview of what the
scene is about,
identify who the key characters are.
Summary of literature (approx. 400 words and at least
four sources including 2 from your own independent research)
This is where, by using relevant literature, you
demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts covered in the unit. So, you should include definitions of
safe spaces, cultural intelligence, cultural capabilities and cultural self-awareness. Show how these are all
linked to increasing our ability to create safe spaces. (For information on referencing, see the link to the
CDU library on the right. Then, scroll down and click on the referencing link on the library
Observations/description of Video (approx. 250 words)
In this section you should identify the
behaviours and scenarios in the media clip that are evidence of the cultural safety issues displayed. These
observations should confirm your statement in the introduction about whether the space is safe or unsafe.
Some of the things to look for and describe are: physical factors (size and layout of space, position of
people in the space), communication factors (body language, voice, words), signs of inclusion or exclusion
(see the Holley & Steiner reading for a description of what these are), and displays of, or lack of,
cultural intelligence. You could use the table below as guide and as a way of briefly describing in key words
what you observe. Alternatively you might prefer to describe this in couple of paragraphs.
If you use the
table, make sure that you give it a number and a title(see template).
Discussion (approximately 400 words and
at least four sources– remember to include independent researched sources as well as core readings from the
unit. You can refer to some of the sources that you covered in the literature review).
Use key elements
within the film excerpt and the theory you have outlined in the literature review section to discuss your
observations of the media clip and to support your view about whether each scene is a safe or unsafe space.
For example you might write something like:'In the early part of the film, Jane displayed a high level of
cultural intelligence by adjusting her behaviour as soon as she became aware that her patient had never been
in a hospital before. This had an instant effect on the patient who visibly relaxed and began to talk. This is
an excellent example of what Brislin, Worthley and McNab (2006, p.40) define as cultural intelligence or the
ability to adjust to another culture. Jane showed she was reading the other person's uncomfortable body
language and adjusted her approach appropriately to make the patient feel safe in that new
Recommendations (approx. 200 words supported by academic sources)
Your recommendations for how
the scenario film clip you describe should be changed to make the space safer should be based on your
discussion. So it will be a summary of the things that need to change to enable a safer space in the scenario
depicted. Your recommendations will need to be supported with literature sources.
Conclusion (approx. 150
This is where you sum briefly everything covered in your report. So it would include: what the film
clip covered, what it was about, what it showed regarding safe spaces, what needed to be changed if anything.
(Don't introduce new material or references into this section).
References (last section of report on
separate page and not numbered)
For this report we expect you to use core readings, some of which you may
have provided and utilised in your previous assignment. In addition, you will need to use at least two
additional references you might source that relate to the particular context of the scenario depicted in your
film. For example, if your media clip depicts bullying at the workplace you may find articles on workplace
bullying. This will be helpful for your discussion and recommendations. Altogether, you should use at least 6
sources, including the source that you used to reference your film.
NB Check how to reference correctly for
multimedia. The references, title and content pages are not counted in your final word count.
You should use
the APA 6th referencing style for in-text citations, and for the reference list at the end.
CDU referencing
link **
At this stage of your study, aim for perfection in
Remember, you can take your assignment to the library staff, who will check over your references
with you.
The readings and learning materials for each week are relevant in developing the background
knowledge and skills necessary for this assessment task. What follows is a suggested time-table which links
each week's learning materials to your on-going work on Assessment 3.

Choose your media clip this

As you think about which media clip to choose for Assessment 3, observe the way that various cultural
groups are represented in fictional (or non-fictional) scenes.
The media clip in this week's web-site
learning materials [Section: Effective strategies] about ‘active listening' clearly shows a male
businessperson first ignoring advice from his female adviser. But then he goes on to listen actively. Not only
is active listening illustrated, but there are also cultural norms being shown about male and female roles in
this clip.

When you are looking at narrative films or documentaries, look for and try to comment on the
hidden cultural communication that is also being shown. Start to view some of the recommended media clips
below and choose one that you wish to analyse and write about in the report. This will prepare you for writing
a summary of the chosen clip next week.

Choose a scene

Choose a scene to analyse (about 3-10 minutes in
length) from a television program, media clip or movie, that focuses on a conflict situation in a community,
university/school or workplace. Although fictional, the scene should depict a ‘real life' situation. In
other words avoid action films or over the top movies/shows. Also avoid media clips that are documentaries. Do
not spend too much time looking for the ‘perfect scenes' as the analytic report is the main focus. You
are encouraged to choose from films/segments provided below.

As you view them, remember you will need to
focus on writing a report answering: How do cultural self-awareness and cultural intelligence help to create
effective safe spaces?

Also Remember: You need to correctly use APA reference so your tutor can find and
view the media clip if they wish to.


Cleese, J.and Booth, C. (Writers). (2009). Fawlty Towers –
Basil Gives Manuel a Language Lesson(BBC Television program)

** />https://**

What is a report?

In this assessment, you need to produce a report that demonstrates your understanding
of safe spaces. Report writing is an important skill which you will need to learn for university studies and
possibly your future employment.

We have provided a template to help you see how an academic report is
The question that you are answering in this report is:

How can cultural self-awareness and
cultural intelligence help create effective safe spaces?


This specific report requires an
analytical response in the third person (no personal language such as ‘I', or ‘my', and so on).
Use these resources to familiarise yourself with what an analytical report is and how to write one:

CUC100 handbook – Communicating at University pp.189-253.
Reference: Rolls, N. & Wignell, P. (2015).
Communicating at University. Darwin, NT: Charles Darwin University.

This book is available for loan from
the CDU Library (** or for sale (recommended) from the CDU Book Shop

The Academic Language and Learning Success Program (ALLSP) runs regular
free workshops and drop-in consultations. (See the ALLSP link on the right.

Getting started on your

Summarise your media clip
In the final report, you are required to provide a 150 word summary
(approximately) of the scene you have chosen, so the reader is able to understand what you are
Your summary needs to include the following details:

the name of the TV show or movie;
season and episode if it is a TV show or year released for movie;
the setting (social, academic or
a general overview of what the scene is about;
identify who the key characters are.
connections between cultural intelligence, cultural self-awareness and cultural judgements
In assessment 2,
you made connections between cultural self-awareness and cultural intelligence. Assessment 3 requires you to
articulate your understanding of these concepts in a formal written report form.

One way to

write down the connections you identified in assessment 2 about cultural intelligence, and
cultural self-awareness.
think about what you have just learned about cultural judgments: how do effective
cultural judgments create productive spaces?
jot down some key points (with references).
Summarise some main
ideas from relevant readings to include in your literature review

Along with the readings we have
provided during the semester, you will need to conduct your own research by including at least two references
apart from the film and set readings. In total you need at least six references.

Holley and Steiner (2005)
– creating safe spaces
Bruhn (2005) – culture brain interactions
Brislin, Worthley and McNab (2006) –
cultural intelligence
Quappe and Cantatore (2005) – cultural awareness
Russell (2011) – Third culture
Flanja (2009) – culture shock & intercultural communication
Spencer-Oatey (2012) – culture
CDU Library Summon for additional journal articles and books.
Avoid referencing websites. You are expected to
use academic texts. See the media clip link at right.
Writing an effective analysis

In the last two weeks
chose your media clip scene and thought about how cultural self-awareness and cultural intelligence can help
to create safe spaces

This week you will

Review what an analysis is and apply this technique to your
media clip.
Identify the links between cultural empathy and effective social, academic and work
Consider how the literature can help to explain and analyse your chosen film scene.
What is an

In this assessment you are asked to write a report which includes analysis.

What is an
analysis? Check the handbook – Communicating at University (Rolls and Wignell, 2014 pp. 17-22).

your media clip

Use the following framework to help analyse the media clip. Remember to refer back to what
you have learned throughout the Semester to think about the following questions.

Do any of the characters
display cultural self-awareness? How do they do this?
What sort of insight into the character's culture
do you get?
What sorts of behaviours indicate their awareness or lack thereof?
How do the behaviours of the
characters reflect their culture?
Cultural Intelligence:

Do the characters display characteristics of
cultural intelligence? How do you know?
How is cross-cultural communication being conveyed?
Is cultural
difference a source of conflict? What happens when conflict is present, how do the characters
Cultural Capabilities:

Are there any cultural judgements present in this scene? Which characters
make cultural judgements and if so how do they do this?
What do the characters do to display cultural
empathy? Why is this important for creating and sustaining safe spaces
How do the characters create safe or
unsafe spaces?
Visual cues to look for:

Safe atmosphere
Body language – eye contact, hand placement,
stance, proximity
Verbal communication (what and how)
What type of ‘safeness': Are the characters
safe from:

Physical harm?
Emotional Harm?
Psychological harm?
How does cultural empathy relate to safe

Think about:

How is cultural empathy related to creating effective work, social, or academic
How would you recognise that cultural empathy is occurring (or not) in any setting above?
aspects of the communications would signal effective use of cultural empathy in a specific setting?
Tying it
all together

Last week you reviewed what an analysis is, and worked out the links between cultural empathy
and effective social, academic and work settings.

This week you will link the ideas and concepts about
cultural judgments, and cultural empathy to build an understanding of safe spaces.

Thinking question

are cultural judgments and cultural empathy so vital in developing cultural capabilities and creating safe

To help you answer this question you could:

Think about the answers to the followingquestions in
relation to the media clip you have chosen:
What is the relationship between cultural judgments and cultural
How do we negotiate and create safe spaces?
Whose responsibility is it to create and sustain these
Who could take an action to improve the situation being represented?
Work through the sections of
the report and ensure that you integrate the literature to explain your ideas,especially in the discussion and
the recommendations. There is an example of how to integrate literature into the discussion in the
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